You and Your Journey

Is Counseling Right for You?

If you are thinking about family or individual therapy, deciding what services you want and which therapist to work with can be challenging. It’s a good idea to consider the qualifications of a therapist’s licensing, credentials, and professional training as well as your own gut feeling and comfort level with a therapist. In addition to academic training, it is important that your counselor has looked at his or her own issues and has the capacity for self-reflection and the ability to listen with compassion.

Please listen to your intuition and gut feelings.. A feeling of connection and safety between us is essential for successful therapy. At our first meeting, in my Boulder office or on the phone, I invite you to notice how it feels to be with me as part of making your decision.

  • Do you feel heard?
  • Do you think you will be able to trust me?
  • Do you feel respected?

In therapy you can learn to:

  • Develop balance in your life
  • Have more healthy and satisfying relationships
  • Recognize your strengths and appreciate who you are
  • Build resources and resilience
  • Work through trauma, loss and grief
  • Develop healthy boundaries
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Decrease anxiety and depression
  • Learn how to assert yourself in healthy ways.
  • Connect to your heart and find more joy

Psychotherapy requires a collaboration between therapist and client which involves a commitment of time and energy, as well as financial resources. As a client you should expect privacy, confidentiality, respect, and an environment of safety and compassion.

Please contact me for a free 1/2 hour meeting to see if I am the right counselor for you.