Unleashing Your Creativity Workshop

Unleashing Your Creativity: Uncovering The Artist Within

Are you longing to reconnect with your inherently brilliant creative source? Do you feel you have a well of creative energy wanting to burst free? And be expressed?

                                      Then this is the opportunity you have been waiting for!!

                                      6 -Week Workshop with Nancy Nunes, LCSW

Drawing from the seminal works of Julie Cameron,  (The Artist Way and Vein of Gold), as well as the insights & teachings of Michelle Cassou, Carl Jung, the Buddha and others. Learn ways to tap into your ever-present well of creativity, explore several mediums of expression, and enjoy the adventure in a community of support.

Nancy Nunes is a licensed therapist, meditator, and explorer of the human heart and spirit. She has developed this curriculum to benefit those who are longing for a deeper connection to their creativity.

New Groups Are Frequently Offered In North Boulder
Cost: $200 includes materials

 For more information and/or to register contact Nancy by Phone:  303-579-8572 or Email

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