After the 1st LENS treatment my energy increased and my focus and clarity improved. With subsequent treatments my sleep patterns also improved and I became more aware of the depth of my feelings and am more settled within myself.

— Cathy, Boulder


I have developed an appetite for bedtime; namely because I know I will be falling and staying asleep. This miracle cannot be accredited to anything else but my work with Nancy.
— Amanda, Denver


I don’t feel depressed anymore. I have struggled with depression and suicidality my whole adult life and it’s gone. Thank you LENS and Nancy!  
— Charlotte, Boulder


Nancy Nunes was instrumental in helping my husband and me through a very difficult crisis with our teenage son. Rather than advising us to hospitalize him (as other mental health professionals had suggested) she coached us through a critical weekend, enabling us to connect with our hearts and our son’s needs. We were then able to find a wonderful placement for him in a therapeutic boarding school that turned his life and our family around. Without her wise and calm guidance, I am certain that we would not have been able to do this. We will be forever grateful to her for her generous support at a very vulnerable time.

-- Kim, Boulder CO


Nancy has provided valuable family therapy services to my extended family.She has an excellent balance between being straightforward, yet empathetic.  Nancy can diplomatically challenge adult members of the family to address the real root dynamics versus straying with peripheral items that ultimately are not as important to improving relationships and healing the family. Over time, she structures, soliciting input from family members, therapy sessions in the appropriate sequence to make progress without creating untimely tension.  Nancy has broad experience, which allows her to work competently with complex family dynamics.

– C.J.  Longmont


I’ve known Nancy for 25 years and I am still amazed at the ease with which she takes on any situation. She has an intuitive sense that cuts directly to the root of a problem and she works compassionately and tirelessly to help people find their own truths. She has been there for me as a friend and adviser at many critical points in my life (divorce, parenting crises, etc) She has introduced sorely needed resources and has always offered her heart and her skills without reservation.

– Amy K.  Boulder


My wife, children and I have really appreciated the work we did with Nancy. She helped us realize that our issues and concerns were best addressed family-wide, and through that we made wonderful progress with our teenage daughter. Over the course of several months, my wife and I had weekly phone conversations with Nancy, which worked very well; the fact that we were on the phone instead of in-person was not at all a hindrance. In fact it made it more convenient and perhaps even more comfortable for us. Periodically, an in-person family meeting took place, including our other, younger daughter, and Nancy’s adept recognition and gentle handling of the family dynamics was exemplary. We truly appreciated Nancy’s ability to help us focus on how our own actions as parents impacted others in the family, how our daughter’s negative actions really came from a place of fear, and how we could affirmatively address the root of the family issues and bring resolution and positive, productive change.

-M.S. San Jose, CA