What LENS Clients Are Saying

I am amazed that after a lifetime of struggling with reading I now enjoy it! The LENS treatments lowered my reactivity, increased my sense of well- being and made reading fun for me. What a gift!
– David, Longmont

After just a few treatments I had the first day without a headache in over 20 years. Thank you Nancy, for offering the LENS to me.
– Laura, Longmont

 The LENS work has truly been a life-changing experience for me. I have especially noticed changes in my level of reactivity. I find that situations where I would have previously had a “triggered” reaction I no longer do. Rather than reacting, I now respond with more equanimity. And it’s not simply having control of my reactions so my inner negativity is not expressed; it’s that I feel the equanimity, not the negativity. What a relief! I highly recommend working with Nancy and the LENS process.
– Amy, Boulder

After the 1st treatment my energy increased and my focus and clarity improved.  With subsequent treatments my sleep patterns also improved and I became more aware of the depth of my feelings and became more settled within myself.
– Cathy, Boulder

I have developed an appetite for bedtime; namely because I know I will be falling and staying asleep. This miracle cannot be accredited to anything else but my work with Nancy. I have lived through years of at least three nights a week, with no more than five hours of sleep. Melatonin, pot, sound machines, deep relaxation exercises, liquid kava, physical exertion close to bed time to tire the body, the list could go on and on of the remedies I have tried. None of which were successful without unfavorable side-effects. This is not my only victory in working with Nancy, but it is such a paramount one that it cannot be left unsaid. I have already referred her to friends and family and I will continue to long after our therapeutic relationship ends.
– Amanda, Denver